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The Art of... (series) is to become a new set of theoretical events, implementing the debate at the core of it. Subjects are to be as various as possible, touching on the cultural, the social, the philosophical, the politics among others.
The first event is to take place in Mai in Le Moule, Guadeloupe.

May 68: French Carribean in the Paris events
May 68: French Carribean in the Paris events
Mai 68: Des Guadeloupéens à Paris - rencontre samedi 5 mai -Médiathèque du Moule

Rencontre autour des 50 ans de Mai 68. Venez témoigner, montrer vos archives, partager vos impressions…
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Samedi 05 Mai 2018
16h00 -18h30
à la Médiathèque du Moule
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L'Artocarpe AIR (Artist in Residence)
L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art contemporain
L'Artocarpe (Lat. artocarpus): Arbre-à-Pain; Bread Fruit tree

55 rue Hugo
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04E Détail installation vagina  2012
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Revolution: Motion of A Body Around Another Body or Onw Its Own Axis...
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