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New French regulation on accessibility has lead us to no longer be in the position to have members of the public on our premises.
L'Artocarpe's activities are therefore only for members. Anyone willing to come in residence will have to pay an extra fee to become a member. Thank you for your cooperation.

New law forces us to stop our activities to the public  / Nouvelle loi sur l'accessibilité arrête nos activités au public.
La nouvelle loi sur l'accessibilité nous oblige à ne plus recevoir du public au sein de nos locaux. Nos activités se poursuivent uniquement pour les membres de L'Artocarpe.

L'Artocarpe continuera de travailler avec des organisations partenaires afin de rencontrer les publics et poursuivre les échanges.

Merci de votre compréhension.
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Discover the vibrant town of Le Moule, which has a nice feel and character...
Venez découvrir la ville du Moule, petite commune au doux caractère...

Le Moule has about 25 000 people. It sits by the Atlantic ocean, which gives it some real character. Fresh wind and air make it very appealing to those seeking some quiet space yet lively.
Walk along its over 3 KM boulevard in the evening and jogg on the beach in the morning. You will be soon known from the fishermen, the locals and the frogs!
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L'Artocarpe is a three-level modern building, located in the heart of the Town of Le Moule. The location allows artists to be fully operating from day one. All facilities are a few steps away (bus station; post office; banks; stores...) and the high-street offers a nice atmosphere among the local population, made of African descents, Indians, Lebanese, French among others. Night life has also a lot to give to anyone willing to know more about Guadeloupean's culture... A residency that you are not to forget!

We endeavor to always improve our space to ensure that your residency remains a unforgettable experience.
Remember that we are artists like yourself! Your needs are our needs whenever we, too, are getting away in residency abroad. Therefore we will always do our best to keep your priority (your art practice) in line with your own goals.

Although the space is privately owned, members and volunteers are turning it into a lively place to be! We are proud to say that L'Artocarpe is the ONLY platform of this kind in Guadeloupe, making it unique and appealing to all our residents. Watch out for their comments!
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Please find below our fees as well as some information on how to be considered for a residence. Note that only application for Self-financed artist will currently be considered as all our fund for inviting an artist have now been allocated until end of 2015.

Experience a residence in our space...
Experience a residence in our space...
Download pdf at the end of this note
L’Artocarpe has two types of residency :
Either you come as a self-financed artist, with your own budget or sponsor 
- (SF -  self-financed), 
- or as invited artist (IVTD - Invited artists) that we choose to invite through the budget secured by one of our partner
See enclosed our rates for 2015 for artist coming with their own budget.

To be invited by us takes much longer as we first need to secure funding from our partners. Our partner only deliver one residency a year. Funds have now already been attributed for our 2015 program. Only artist coming with their own fund will be considered for this year.
Self-financed bookings work on the first-booked-first-served basis. You need to be first accepted by our art committee. Bookings have already started for 2015. To secure booking, you will need to pay your residency in full.
Self-financed residency also means that you will be responsible for all your personal costs: travel, insurance, visa, meals, transportation, material, equipment.
Please note that in both cases, there is an additional fee of administration to be paid to L'Artocarpe in order to ensure that you are covered by our insurance while on site. Please note however that you will need to get your own health insurance with medical repatriation to conclude your agreement with L'Artocarpe.

Once a member of L'Artocarpe, you will be in part of our rich network of contacts, throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

Portfolio submission : there is no standard form !
Please note that your application will be assessed by our art committee.
Just email elements of your practice that clearly define what you do, what you have done so far with a CV and a description of what you would like to do while in residence.  You just need to give us a rough idea of your need for equipment and material, detailing what you do (painting, photography ...)  in order for us to assess the possibility to accommodate your need for the studio. 
As we recognise the importance of experimentation, we do not require that you finalise your project prior to start the residency, as it is often expected today in other institutions! We shall just ask you to run open day studio to engage with the public, and present the extend of your research, practice in a talk to present yourself to local artists. You are however welcome to plan an exhibition, workshop, a sale and any other event that you would like to run. L'Artocarpe will put you in touch with our relevant partners (gallery, library...) to enable you to do so, should need be.

Do not forget to clearly state the period you wish to come as well as the list of material (equipment, tools, type of space etc) that you require. You are encouraged to give us flexible dates, so as to have greater chances to secure a residency.
Other that the quality of your work, the latter elements will determine whether or not we are in the position to answer your needs.

We look forward to receiving your application,
Yours Artocarply!
L'Artocarpe's team!
 Download pdf here:
infos_air_2015_fra_uk_1.pdf INFOS AIR 2015 FRA UK.pdf  (97.69 Ko)
sf_air_2015_1.pdf SF AIR 2015.pdf  (35.36 Ko)
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L'Artocarpe AIR (Artist in Residence)
L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art contemporain
L'Artocarpe (Lat. artocarpus): Arbre-à-Pain; Bread Fruit tree

55 rue Hugo
97 160 Le Moule
F - Guadeloupe
Mob: 0690 302 743 - LD: 0590 901 949
Facebook: L'Artocarpe

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