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2018 is technically a gap year for L'Artocarpe, to enable to rethink its model of governance.
Core members are left with the crucial task to draw conclusion of nearly 10 years of actions and inject new ideas.
L'Artocarpe wishes to thank all its previous members, without whom, we wouldn't exist.

Artwork by Joëlle Ferly
Artwork by Joëlle Ferly
L’ Artocarpe members in  2018 :
Andreaha San (Brazil) - Honory member
Jean-Marc Hunt (Guadeloupe) -
Jean-François Boclé (Martinique - France) - site
Nathalie Muchamad (Indonésie; Nouvelle Calédonie; France) - site
Sébastien Mehal (Martinique - France) - site
Chantal Charron (Martinique )
Joëlle Ferly (Guadeloupe) - Founder

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