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L'Artocarpe is a three-level modern building, located in the heart of the Town of Le Moule. The location allows artists to be fully operating from day one. All facilities are a few steps away (bus station; post office; banks; stores...) and the high-street offers a nice atmosphere among the local population, made of African descents, Indians, Lebanese, French among others. Night life has also a lot to give to anyone willing to know more about Guadeloupean's culture... A residency that you are not to forget!

We endeavor to always improve our space to ensure that your residency remains a unforgettable experience.
Remember that we are artists like yourself! Your needs are our needs whenever we, too, are getting away in residency abroad. Therefore we will always do our best to keep your priority (your art practice) in line with your own goals.

Although the space is privately owned, members and volunteers are turning it into a lively place to be! We are proud to say that L'Artocarpe is the ONLY platform of this kind in Guadeloupe, making it unique and appealing to all our residents. Watch out for their comments!

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L'Artocarpe AIR (Artist in Residence)
L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art contemporain
L'Artocarpe (Lat. artocarpus): Arbre-à-Pain; Bread Fruit tree

55 rue Hugo
97 160 Le Moule
F - Guadeloupe
Mob: 0690 302 743 - LD: 0590 901 949
Facebook: L'Artocarpe

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04E Détail installation vagina  2012
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Revolution: Motion of A Body Around Another Body or Onw Its Own Axis...
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