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A Poetics of Relation: Caribbean Women Writing at the Millennium fosters a dialogue across
islands and languages between established and lesser-known authors, bringing together
archipelagic and diasporic voices from the Francophone and Hispanic Antilles. This study
underscores the socio-cultural impact of emigration and the perpetual self-redefinition that results
from this phenomenon. Without denying the enduring impact of former colonial divisions or
minimizing the specificities to each bloc in the region, Ferly shows that a comparative analysis of
female narratives is often most pertinent across linguistic zones.

Book by Odile Ferly, professor at Clark University, Providence, USA
Book by Odile Ferly, professor at Clark University, Providence, USA
A Poetics of Relation
Caribbean Women Writing at the Millennium
Odile Ferly

“Combining a comprehensive overview of foundational theories and questions with insightful close readings, Ferly offers a new
direction for scholars and students of women’s writing in the Caribbean.”—Sally Barbour, professor of Romance Languages, Wake
Forest University
“Ferly’s innovative dialogue across race, ethnicity, islands, languages, and oceans, challenges colonial inheritances by engaging
polyphonic Francophone, and Hispanophone Caribbean female narratives in a profusion of creative networks summoning the
continually shifting matrix of the mangrove.”—Catherine Reinhardt, Chapman University
“A solid contribution to studies on contemporary women’s writings from the French and Spanish Caribbean rooted in the
ecologically-minded and innovative paradigm of the mangrove.”--Dawn Duke, chair of Africana Studies and associate professor of
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Tennessee

The author, Odile Ferly
The author, Odile Ferly
Introduction: 'The Roots of Relation' * Overcoming Marginalisation: Relation and Female Subjectivity * Rhizomic Roots: Nation and
Relation * The Emergence of a Creole Discourse * Identity in Relation * Diaspora Writing: The Poetics of Wandering * Conclusion:
Caribbean Female Narratives into the Third Millennium
Odile Ferly is an associate professor of French and Francophone Studies at Clark University.

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