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You know when a art space dedicated to artists is indeed working for artists, when they are the ones coming back to work on their new project. Such is the case for a few artists that will be in residence until December. L'Artocarpe wishes to thank them for their trust and support. In coming back to L'Artocarpe they are endorsing our mission of promoting contemporary art...

If you wish to see the artist and the work of Sebastien Mehal, please phone him directly on :
Mob: 06 96 779 185

Pour rencontrer l'artiste Sébastien Mehal, merci de le contacter directement au:
Mob: 06 96 779 185

Fin de Résidence à L'Artocarpe: Septembre 2014

Mise à jour par L'Artocarpe TEAM le Jeudi 14 Août 2014 à 15:42

L'Artocarpe AIR (Artist in Residence)
L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art contemporain
L'Artocarpe (Lat. artocarpus): Arbre-à-Pain; Bread Fruit tree

55 rue Hugo
97 160 Le Moule
F - Guadeloupe
Mob: 0690 302 743 - LD: 0590 901 949
Facebook: L'Artocarpe

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04E Détail installation vagina  2012
10 P1030242
Revolution: Motion of A Body Around Another Body or Onw Its Own Axis...
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