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Un nouvel espace de résidences d'artistes voit le jour au Moule, en Guadeloupe.
A new venue has been set up to promote contemporary art in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. (English translation at the end)

Amina Magazine announcing the launch of L'Artocarpe
Amina Magazine announcing the launch of L'Artocarpe
L'Artocarpe est une nouvelle structure culturelle basée en Guadeloupe. L'initiatrice du projet, l'artiste Joëlle Ferly, a accepté de nous en ouvrir les portes de ce nouveau lieu oeuvrant pour la promotion de l'art contemporain.

Lire l'article de Jean-Jacques Seymour dans AMINA, no.479, avril 2010

L'art contemporain en Guadeloupe - Contemporary art in Guadeloupe
L'Artocarpe is run by artists for artists. Its main purpose is to question the notion of contemporary art in relation to artworks created in the Caribbean region, which is highly charged historically and socially. Artists are invited to focus their production, challenging conventional practices borrowing references to the Western Art History, as well as establishing new avenues for creativity that could set up the premises of innovative forms of art, strong enough to be marketed on the international scene.

L'art contemporain en Guadeloupe - Contemporary art in Guadeloupe
L'Artocarpe promotes creativity over dissemination of artworks. However, theoretical events are regularly set up to discuss, question, deconstruct, affirm new aesthetics that could be inscribed as emerging forms of art from the Caribbean region. Numerous are the international events gathering Caribbean artists to establish the new writing of Caribbean art. L'Artocarpe is to likewise, encourage the debates with art experts, such as Claire Tancons and André Rouillé, to ensure that practices receive strong theoretical support. Whenever possible, publication will take place, in the form of web summary of catalogues or essays published through partner orgasisation.

L'art contemporain en Guadeloupe - Contemporary art in Guadeloupe

Mise à jour par Jean-Jacques Seymour / AMINA le Jeudi 1 Avril 2010 à 04:12

L'Artocarpe AIR (Artist in Residence)
L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art contemporain
L'Artocarpe (Lat. artocarpus): Arbre-à-Pain; Bread Fruit tree

55 rue Hugo
97 160 Le Moule
F - Guadeloupe
Mob: 0690 302 743 - LD: 0590 901 949
Facebook: L'Artocarpe

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