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Jo Ferly has been appointed L'Artocarpe first and new Director following the Annual General Meeting that was held on the 26th January 2017. The new board assisted by Jo, is to reflect on the new direction of L'Artocarpe...

Jo (Joëlle) Ferly, artist, founded L'Artocarpe in 2009.
Jo (Joëlle) Ferly, artist, founded L'Artocarpe in 2009.
The new Director will have a lot on! As founder of L'Artocarpe, Jo Ferly was hoping to pass the baton to a new board, but has been asked to accept the post of Director.
A new challenge, which will help to keep a continuity in the direction of the activities put in place by the platform...

Jo is pleased of this new post, which recognize her real input to make things move in contemporary art in Guadeloupe!


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