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Haitian artist Hervé Télémaque was the focus of the opening of the new building of Fondation Clément, in Martinique, for his exhibition, which initially was presented in Paris, at the Pompidou Centre, was the first to initiate such a high profile partnership on the island...

A piece by Hervé Télémaque
A piece by Hervé Télémaque
L'Artocarpe had already the chance to meet with Hervé Télémaque, back in 2010,, when he came to present his work as part of ARTBEMAO exhibition (curated by Jean-Marc Hunt), for which L'Artocarpe has recommended André Rouillé and Claire Tancons as panelists for a theoretical event.

Elodie-Anne Télémaque, Hervé's daughter became interested in the view of the artists and got to work on a nice video reportage with Cristine Asperti.
L'Artocarpe was later invited to a reunion in Paris, with André Rouillé and other artists at Télémaque's daughter home.

It was therefore important to make the move to go and see the master, who took on him to cross the Atlantic from France, where he lives, to honor his show, despite a fragile condition...

The artist is the pride of the Caribbean region
The artist is the pride of the Caribbean region
Pour plus d'information sur l'exposition d'Hervé Télémaque, merci de vous reporter au site de la Fondation Clément.

A view of the exhibition
A view of the exhibition

A view of the exhibition
A view of the exhibition

Hervé Télémaque's piece
Hervé Télémaque's piece

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