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Tropik Events présente l'édition 2019 du Festival du Graffiti. Depuis plusieurs éditions, L'Artocarpe est sollicité pour assurer la résidence de certains artistes du festival. Cette année c'est Danaé Brissonnet (Canada) qui est avec nous!
Danaé is currently completing her residency orchestrated by Tropik Events, which is in charged of the Graffiti Festival each year.

Apéro participatif autour des oeuvres de Danaé!

Viens avec ta bombe!

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Danae Brissonnet

​is an international artist from Quebec, Canada who specializes in public murals, illustration, mask making and puppetry.
She has worked professionally in North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Asia with her colourful, fantastical folk inspired art.
Creating imagined worlds for the viewer, her work invites a deeper consideration into the power of symbolism, myth, and metaphor.
Brissonnet’s art enforces connections between her work, herself, and the public in which it engages.
Most importantly, her process is about becoming involved in communities where she can tell stories of peoples, their land, and their culture.
Wherever Brissonnet is creating there is likely to be a workshop, where she can share her experience.
She seeks locations where art is not accessible and finds importance in working with children to empower them to paint their stories with whatever materials they have.
Brissonnet's professional work is what enables her to travel to these conflict zones and rural communities.
Leaving a colourful trace, her art has a feeling of accessibility as she visually translates her story, and that of others. Brissonnet’s work exists as an imprint of change and inspiration for places she feels need it the most.

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