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Although no longer able to receive any member of the public, due to new French regulations, we continue to operate backstage and not doubt that members and VIP visitors know where to find us...

L'Artocarpe has spent the last two months being very busy!

- Researchers working on theorical material (Catherine Kirchner (Martinique); Frédéric Lefrançois (Martinique); Samuel Mazaniello (Guadeloupe); came to either get an interview or access the library.
- Writers Franck Salin (France); Fabienne Kanor (Martinique); David Faukenberg (France), came to Guadeloupe, which was the opportunity to have them for dinner.
- Artists Sébastien Mehal (France), Fabienne Kanor (USA) spent some nights at L'Artocarpe
- Artists Drika (brazil) and Osons (France) were in residency for a month (July 2017)


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