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Arriving in Le Moule, fresh off the plane from the UK, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my time in Guadeloupe– it certainly wasn’t that I would become an interning assistant at a contemporary art space. Yet that is what has happened!

My name is Leah Gouget-Levy and I am currently living in Guadeloupe for the next seven months, working as an English Language Teaching Assistant at several schools in Le Moule. Earlier this year I graduated from University College London with a degree in History of Art and decided to come to work in the French Caribbean to improve my French and experience a different way of life (and spend some time on the beach!).

I was wondering what the best way to meet people and get involved in local life would be so, an ex-art history student through-and-through, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a contemporary arts space right on my doorstep – L’Artocarpe! A few emails and a meeting with Jo later, I am now volunteering as L’Artocarpe’s new assistant.

During my time here, until around April 2015, I will be getting involved with all aspects of L’Artocarpe life, from administration, to helping residents – generally being around to give a helping hand when L’Artocarpe needs it.

Since I’ve started I have hit the ground running, having already: helped the last resident, and Guadeloupe’s representative for the Havana Biennale 2015, Henri Tauliaut, set up his exhibition; attended Henri’s opening, where I had the opportunity to meet some more of L’Artocarpe’s members; and visited Baie Mahault to see of one of L’Artocarpe’s newest members, Samuel Gelas’s, youthful and emotive work. Not only do I feel that I am well and truly getting involved in Guadeloupian life, but, even better, that I am in the privileged position of discovering the Caribbean arts scene from the inside.

I can’t wait for the coming months at L’Artocarpe and I hope by volunteering here I will be able to contribute something really useful to this exciting and lively organisation. With my interest in contemporary art criticism and theory, particularly in terms of film and photography, I hope that not only will L’Artocarpe be a great fit for me, but that I will be a great fit for it. I am particularly looking forward to meeting more of L’Artocarpe’s members and residents and learning more about their work.

If you would like to contact me with any questions relating to L’Artocarpe or with any personal work inquiries I am available at leahgougetlevy (@) btinternet (dot) com

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