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from 28 June to 01 September 2018

Call for a residency in Paris: 2019 Cité internationale des arts
For information and application click here

The Cité internationale des arts, which was founded in 1965, is today a residence center that has welcomed more than 22,000 artists since its creation. Its ideal location in the heart of Paris and its commitment to place the artist at the heart of the project mean that the Cité internationale des arts is a key player on the Parisian and international art scene.
Born from the desire to bring artists from all over the world together and gather all disciplines under the same roof, this ambitious project gives the Cité internationale des arts a unique status that fosters encounters, artistic crossovers and creativity.
Every year, the Cité internationale des arts welcomes over 1,000 artists from 90 different countries in more than 300 studios in the Marais and Montmartre districts of central Paris.
Based on the artistic projects of residents, artists and/or exhibition curators, the Cité internationale des arts implements a multidisciplinary cultural program in its various spaces: the Galerie (a 525 m2 exhibition space), the Corridor, the Auditorium (128 seats), as well as through "open-studio days". The Cité internationale des arts also supports residents’ "fringe events and projects" and helps bring them into contact with professionals.
Residents can also take French lessons, work in shared studios (engraving or silkscreen printing workshops) and use the pottery kiln. Partnerships with other institutions in Paris and Ile-de-France also enable residents to develop their practices outside the walls of the Cité internationale des arts.
Submission of applications: from June 28th to September 1st, 2018
Notification of results: from the beginning of November onwards
Residences start: January 2019
Before completing the online form below, please make sure you have the following documents in your possession:
- 1 curriculum vitae (pdf, 4 pages maximum)
- 1 presentation of your residency project (pdf, 2 pages maximum)
- 1 portfolio (pdf - between 5 and 20 pages)
- Video links and/or audio files representative of your work (mp3, avi), and/or letters of recommendation (pdf).
The application fee of € 32 (incl tax) can be paid online or by direct debit. Your registration will not be definitively approved until you have submitted all the required supporting documents and paid the application fee.
If you cannot access online registration, please contact the Cité internationale des arts committee office:

Please note that L'Artocarpe is NOT involved in the selection process of this residency space.


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