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L'Artocarpe's new chair being based in New York, we are now operating fully online. Our activities are extending to reach the US and escape the heaviness of French bureaucracy...
An overview of our activities

  • 23rd January 2016: Annual General meeting in Martinique. Election of our new board including our new chair, Lana Kustova. Lana is based in New York.
  • 23rd - 26th January 2016: L'Artocarpe new board in Martinique attending the opening of Fondation Clement, visiting the art school as well as members's studios.
  • 19th -21st February 2016: L'Artocarpe is invited by the Pérez Art Museum of Miami to attend the Tilting Axis event, co-organised by FreshMilk and the Arch Magazine.
  • March 2016: L'Artocarpe is to start a series of conferences for the Memorial ACTe
  • 10th April 2016: Historian Pierre Scordia interview people from Guadeloupe on Collective Memory. Event hosted by L'Artocarpe.
  • 20th April 2016: the chair of L'Artocarpe is to greet students from the art school of Martinique, who are visiting New York
  • 21st May 2016: L'Artocarpe in conference with Memorial ACTe

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